Ana Sayfa Hizmetlerimiz Motorcycle Tire Repair

Motorcycle Tire Repair

Before entering the subject of motorcycle tire repair, we would like to reiterate the points that you need to pay attention to.

The most important factor for achieving high performance from your motorcycle tire is the correct air pressure in the tire.

Maintain the air pressure indicated in the specifications of your motorcycle.

Low air pressure is risky for driving safety. It also disturbs your driving comfort.

In the event of a puncture, you should conduct the internal and external inspections necessary to determine whether the tire is repairable.

Note whether the repairable damage is in the tread area.

You can not repair tire damage that occurs on the sidewall area, you should know that it will be temporary and very risky even if it is done.

If there is seperation, wide-area cuts, tears etc. on motorcycle tire, this tire need to be changed due to it can not be repaired.

If your motorcycle’s tire is torn in the back and the nails have been damaged by metal, glass, etc., besides the damage mentioned, the nearest motorcycle tire will be used to make the repairs until you are ready to make repairs, tire repair sprey methods.

Our reccomendation except to calling road assistance, you shall go slowly and carefully to nearest motorcycle tire repair service by adding air without removing sinking material.

The repair of your damaged motorcycle tire should be done by specialists. Tire repair spray can only provide a temporary solution and should be shown to a specialist as soon as possible. Permanently damaged tires should not be used (cracks, internal and external cracks in the tire, etc.).

You should do your own motorcycle tire repair by a repair string, but be sure not to expand the damaged area at all when you need to use repair strings .

After removing a tire and before repair it, a motorcycle tire repair specialist must thoroughly check its interior. Traces of marbling in the sidewall and tread are show that the tire has been run up under inflated and therefore the damage could show up again during running. In such a case, the tire can not be repaired.

Tires showing any of the following damage should not be used again;

  • Damaged or visible bead wire,
  • Loose rubber or casing plies,
  • Folded rubber or casing plies,
  • Deterioration through grease or corrosive materials,
  • Internal rubber marbling caused by running under inflated.
  • Cracks on rubber due to aging of rubber.

We have a 22-year experience in motorcycle tires with professional staff in two cities; Istanbul / Kabatas and Izmir/ Bayraklı.

We are the first company in Europe and Turkey to offer sales, service and after-sales service only in the field of motorcycle tire with this experience.

Every type and model of motorcycle tire is always available in Buz Motor, and We can deliver tires within country ny adrese in the country can be sent by cargo within maximum 3 days if requested.

In our operation, fitting/removing of the motorcycle tire, motorcycle tire balancing, motocycle tire repair, changing of the motocycle wheel bearings, changing of the motocycle inner tube and so on. Every service related to the tire is provided with professional staff .

Front and rear tire fitting/removing of motorcycles; 15 min for scooters. Enduro and Touring segment 25 min Chopper segment motorcycles completed within 45 min.

Motorcycle rims are not damaged due to the fact that the tires are completely machined.


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